Wedding and funeral arrangements: the diversity of Phalaenopsis

The Phalaenopsis is a species of orchid that offers a beautiful and diverse choice when creating arrangements for wedding and funeral work. With its graceful flowers and elegant look, the Phalaenopsis adds a touch of sophistication and emotion to these special occasions. Need inspiration on how to effectively incorporate Phalaenopsis into wedding and funeral arrangements? Then read on soon!

Corsage met Phalaenopsis

Wedding arrangements

Orchids add an elegant and modern touch to bridal bouquets. You can combine them with other flowers such as roses, callas or peonies for a romantic look. By experimenting with different colors, such as white, pink, purple or yellow, you adapt the bouquet to the color scheme of the wedding.

For corsages, you can use small orchids to create sophisticated accents for the bride, groom and bridal party. Attach the orchids in a stylish way using thin ribbons or wire and add some green accents for a fresh look. In addition, create stylish, elegant table centerpieces with orchids as eye-catchers. Place orchids in tall, slim vases and combine with flowers such as roses or ranunculus.

Funeral arrangements

When arranging funeral arrangements, orchids can create a comforting and serene atmosphere. You can use white orchids as a symbol of peace and purity. Combine them with soft green leaves, such as fern leaves or eucalyptus, to achieve a soothing and elegant look.

Funeral arrangements can be enhanced with orchids as a touch of beauty and sophistication. Place orchids in the center of the arrangement and surround them with flowers such as white roses or carnations, which are symbolic of mourning. Subtle greenery can be added to complete the arrangement. For condolence bouquets, use orchids as a stylish and calming focal point. Combine orchids with soft flowers such as white chrysanthemums, lisianthus or freesias, and add a touch of greenery for a harmonious composition that exudes comfort and compassion.

Rouwwerk met Phalaenopsis
Rouwwerk met Phalaenopsis
Rouwwerk met Phalaenopsis


  • Know the meanings: orchids have symbolic meanings such as beauty, love and appreciation. Make use of these meanings when creating arrangements for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

  • Combinations and contrast: experiment with different combinations of orchids and other flowers and greenery. Consider contrasts in color, shape and texture to create visually interesting arrangements.

  • Use as an accent: orchids can serve as beautiful accent flowers in floral arrangements and bouquets. Use them to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to arrangements with other flowers. Its striking flowers attract attention and add an air of luxury to the arrangement.