The perfect Valentine’s Day gift: The Phalaenopsis

February 2024 – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Consider a lasting and meaningful gift: the Phalaenopsis. Our orchids offer breathtaking beauty and are easy to care for. Discover handy care tips in our blog to make the most of your Valentine’s Day gift. Make a lasting impression this year with a gift that makes love bloom!

Months of flowering pleasure

Did you know that our orchids grow best at normal room temperatures? Preferably between 15 and 25 degrees. Do not place them in direct sunlight (this can turn the leaves yellow) and avoid draughts. For optimal care, water your Mimesis orchid once a week. Submerge the growing pot in a layer of water for 10 minutes. Then let the orchid drain well and put it back in its ornamental pot. For optimal flowering pleasure, feed the orchid once a month. This will ensure that your orchid stays in top condition!

A Meaningful Choice

What makes orchids the perfect Valentine’s Day gift goes beyond their ease of care. They symbolise love, beauty and strength. Their availability in various colours allows you to convey the perfect message. Will you go for a white Phalaenopsis that stands for pure love or opt for a deep red variety that symbolises passion? Each colour of orchid carries a unique meaning!

So, while thinking about the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, consider the timeless beauty of our orchids. This flower brings joy on Valentine’s Day, but also in the days and weeks that follow. This is how love keeps blooming. Happy Valentine’s Day!