Terra wins silver at Glazen Tulp Awards

Yes! Our concept Terra has won silver at the ‘Glazen Tulp Awards’ of 2023!

The Glazen Tulp is an award presented annually by Royal FloraHolland to the best market introduction. A very nice appreciation and also a great motivation to further develop the product.

About Terra

In the tropical rainforests, far away from here, orchids have their origin. With their roots they cling themselves to trees and rocks. Inspired by Mother Nature this new concept named ‘Terra’ is born. The roots create their own way through the pot. With Terra you get a piece of jungle into your home. Caring is very easy by constantly leaving a layer of water in the pot. The terracotta pot is porous and gives the necessary amount of water to the roots.


For business: are you interested in Terra? Contact the salesteam of The Orchid Growers or follow the product on Floriday.