Fresh from the grower, sustainably cultivated

Mimesis orchids are grown with passion at the sustainable nurseries of The Orchid Growers. Our growers are true professionals. Their aim? To grow top-quality orchids you can enjoy for months on end – sustainably, of course.

Duurzame kwekerijen

Passion for the product

Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios are the nurseries behind The Orchid Growers. They grow around 11 million orchids per year on a total surface area of 22 hectares. They are genuine family businesses whose passion for everything that grows and flowers is rooted in the generations. The growers know their product better than anyone and understand exactly what it needs to thrive – assisted by the latest technologies in automation, sustainability and data. Technology and green fingers go hand in hand.

Mimicking nature

Orchids have their origins in tropical rainforests far away from here, where they cling to trees and rocks with their roots. In the nurseries, our growers try to mimic the orchid’s natural environment as far as possible. Temperature, light and humidity are managed to make the orchid feel completely at home. To do this, our growers need energy and water, which they are committed to using as sparingly as possible.

On the way to 100% circularity

Our growers use rainwater to water their plants and harvest solar energy to heat their greenhouses. To control viruses and keep the plants healthy, they also work with biological pest controls wherever possible. We have come a long way but we are not there yet. Our aim? We want to be completely circular by 2030. Fossil free, emission free and chemical free. So that everyone can responsibly enjoy wonderful Mimesis orchids both now and in the future.


Our aim is for everyone in the supply chain – from breeders to consumers – to be able to enjoy our orchids responsibly. That’s why sustainability, traceability and good employment practices are so important to us. As proof that this is well embedded in our organisation, we hold MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-ProductProof and MPS-SQ certifications.