Discover Swan
Elegant and majestic. These are the characteristics of our Swan! Look through your eyelashes and discover the swan neck in this exclusive and artfully shaped orchid. Extra nice is that Swan is available in two different sizes and colors: a small one in red, blush & white (pot size 7cm) and a large one in purple, pink & white (pot size 12cm). Curious about the assortment? Check out our catalog for a sampling of our varieties.

With her strikingly large flowers, Swan is an eye-catcher in any interior. Be creative and incorporate Swan into a complete arrangement. Have you ever thought of placing several in one pot? We would love to inspire you!

Business: great news! Next period, we are gradually increasing our supply in the Swan P7. Starting week 30, we will have 10,000 plants available weekly in white, blush and red. This makes Swan P7 available for programs and action orders in addition to day trading. Interested? Let us know!