Pantone Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz

December 2023 – Pantone has treated us to another new colour that will influence the design world. For 2024, they have chosen “Peach Fuzz” as the Colour of the Year. A warm and inviting hue that adds a touch of softness to any space. As orchid lovers, we cannot wait to discover how this beautiful Colour of the Year can be integrated into interior design. Of course, in combination with the timeless beauty of Mimesis orchids!

Flourishing contrasts

Peach Fuzz is known for its soft and warm look, making it a perfect complement to the delicate petals of the Phalaenopsis orchid. Create a captivating contrast by combining Peach Fuzz with white or pink Phalaenopsis. Place them on a neutral background such as a white windowsill or a light-coloured coffee table to really bring out their beauty.

More inspiration with the Colour of the Year

  • Bring the sophisticated elegance of Peach Fuzz to the dining room by using Phalaenopsis orchids as a centrepiece on the dining table. Choose a vase or pot in Peach Fuzz to add a subtle colour accent. Combine with white candles and tableware for a timeless and stylish dinner arrangement.

  • Bring warmth to your evenings by integrating Peach Fuzz with soft lighting in the room. Hang lampshades in this colour over a table with an arrangement of orchids. The diffused light will give the room a cosy atmosphere and the orchids will light up in a subtle way.

  • Use Peach Fuzz as an accent colour on a wall in the room and combine it with large orchid arrangements in different shades. This creates a harmonious look and makes the room vibrant and inviting. A reading corner or side table with a Peach Fuzz-coloured vase complements the look.

  • Bring peace and serenity to the bedroom by integrating Peach Fuzz with orchids on the bedside table or dresser. Choose soft bedding colours such as white, cream or light grey to create a timeless and soothing atmosphere.

Unleash your creativity

The year 2024 brings us not only a beautiful Colour of the Year, but also new opportunities to let our favourite orchids shine in our interiors. With Peach Fuzz as the leading colour, we can create an environment that is not only visually appealing, but also warm and inviting. Unleash your creativity and discover the magic of combining orchids and Peach Fuzz in your home.

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