Discover the diversity
of the orchid

Our growers specialise in growing Phalaenopsis, one of the many types of orchids available. Thanks to their creativity and craftsmanship, there are countless creations that will delight your senses. Meet the Mimesis collection.



Orchids as you know and love them. An infinite range of varieties, colours and sizes.

  • Pot size: 7, 9 and 12 cm


Artisanal and free. Muse is hand-twisted by the grower.

  • Pot size: 12 cm


Elegant and majestic. With a little imagination you’ll spot the swan neck in this orchid.

  • Pot size: 7 and 12 cm


Pure nature. Terra takes you back to the origins of life.

  • Pot size: 9 and 12 cm


Unique beauty. An eye-catching cascade of stunning blooms.

  • Pot size: 12 cm


A veritable sea of flowers. Marvellous is a bouquet you can enjoy for months on end.

  • Pot size: 17 cm


Compact and robust. Spirit is a centrepiece in any interior.

  • Pot size: 12 cm


Endless floral splendour. Follow the cycle of temptation.

  • Pot size: 9 and 12 cm


Our postable orchid that fits through every letterbox. Bon voyage!

  • Letterbox package


A tribute to natural craftsmanship. Discover the latest creations.

  • Various pot sizes

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