Mother’s Day gift: discover the symbolism of orchids

May 2024 – The month of May is upon us. The month to give our mothers an extra treat! Do you choose a Mimesis orchid? Then you are choosing a personal gift with deeper meaning, which she can also enjoy for a long time. In this blog you can read all about the symbolism and care of the orchid.

The reflection of love and pride

Mimesis is all about emotion, sharing and connecting. The word comes from Greek and literally means “reflection. By giving an orchid as a gift on Mother’s Day, you are sharing your love and pride. It reflects your gratitude to her and how much she means to you. Add to that the beauty and elegance of the flowers and you have the ultimate Mother’s Day gift!


Of course, you want your mother to enjoy the floral beauty for a long time. With proper care, she will have 3-6 months of blooming pleasure. The orchid grows well at normal room temperatures and in a bright spot. Water the plant once a week by submerging the growing pot in a layer of water for 10 minutes. More care tips? You can find them here. That way it stays a little Mother’s Day in the months to come!

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Happy Mother’s Day!