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Retail outlets

Where can I buy Mimesis orchids?2023-03-01T12:31:28+00:00

You can buy Mimesis orchids at various florists and garden centres right across Europe.

I have a business and would like to sell Mimesis orchids. How do I go about that?2023-03-01T12:31:34+00:00

We work with distributors who sell our Mimesis orchids to florists, garden centres and other retail outlets across Europe. Looking to add some or all of our collection to your product range? We can put you in touch with our distributors. Click here for our contact details.

Plant care

How often should I water my Mimesis orchid?2023-03-01T12:33:22+00:00

Orchids generally need watering once a week. You can tell whether your orchid is thirsty by the colour of its roots. If the roots are grey, the plant needs water. If the roots are green, all is well.

How should I water my Mimesis orchid?2023-03-01T12:33:09+00:00

The best time to water your orchid is in the morning. Stand the growing pot in a few centimetres of water for 10 minutes. This gives the roots enough time to absorb the moisture. Then allow the orchid to drain well and put it back in its decorative outer pot. Tip: if possible, use rainwater instead of tap water, which can contain a lot of calcium carbonate.

What is the best place to put my Mimesis orchid?2023-03-01T12:32:59+00:00

Mimesis orchids grow well at normal room temperatures, ideally between 15 and 25°C. Place the plant in a bright spot, avoiding direct sunlight in the summer months (April to August). This can cause the leaves to turn yellow. If the plant is losing flower buds or leaves, on the other hand, it can mean it isn’t getting enough light. Orchids also do not like drafts, big temperature fluctuations, flower bulbs or ripening fruit.

Should I feed my Mimesis orchid?2023-03-01T12:32:47+00:00

Airy orchid compost, or bark, contains very few nutrients. We therefore recommend feeding your orchid once a month. You can buy special orchid food at most garden centres.

Can I cut off roots that are sticking out of my orchid?2023-03-01T12:32:34+00:00

Certainly. These aerial roots serve no purpose and you can cut them off, although you don’t have to.

How long does a Mimesis orchid flower?2023-03-01T12:32:15+00:00

With the right care, a Mimesis orchid will flower for 3 to 6 months.

How do I get a Mimesis orchid to flower again?2023-03-01T12:32:02+00:00

With the right care, a Mimesis orchid will flower again. Cut off the old stem, preferably just above the second node from the bottom. Place the orchid in a slightly cooler place with plenty of light and water it once every two weeks. After a while, new stems will grow and the first buds will appear. Then put the orchid back in its familiar spot and follow the usual care tips.

How do I look after my Mimesis orchid?2023-02-16T15:46:35+00:00

Check out the care tips on this page


My Mimesis orchid is dropping buds. What is causing that?2023-03-01T12:35:18+00:00

The most common cause of bud drop is cold, possibly combined with too much water or too little light. Make sure the ambient temperature does not drop below 15°C. Ethylene can also make buds turn yellow and fall off. Ethylene is produced by many types of fruit and vegetables. So don’t stand your orchid near the fruit bowl.

The leaves on my Mimesis orchid are turning yellow. What is causing that?2023-03-01T12:35:09+00:00

Mimesis orchids do not tolerate direct sunlight in the summer months (April to August). This can cause the leaves to turn yellow. It could also be caused by too much, or too cold, water.

The leaves on my Mimesis orchid are going limp. What is causing that?2023-03-01T12:35:01+00:00

The most common cause of limp leaves is overwatering. Check whether the roots are still healthy and green. If so, there is no problem. Stop watering the orchid for a week, then you should be able to get full enjoyment out of your orchid again.

My Mimesis orchid has aphids/mealybugs. What can I do about this?2023-03-01T12:34:50+00:00

Aphids/mealybugs are common in the winter months when the air in the house is very dry and the roots are wet. Drafts can also be a cause. Besides the pest control products available at garden centres, there is a home remedy: mix equal parts of liquid (potassium hydroxide-based) soap with methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) and spray the plant. You usually have to repeat this a couple of times as aphids and mealybugs are persistent. Try to avoid spraying the flowers, though, as the mixture can cause spotting on the petals.

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