Care tips: when should I water my orchid?

July 2024 – Summer has begun! Temperatures are rising and that means your orchid needs proper care. It can be a challenge to know exactly when and how much water your Phalaenopsis needs. Find out through our practical tips how to not only keep your orchid alive, but also let it shine like never before!

Look at the roots

Want to know if your orchid needs water? Then look at the roots! These will give you a lot of information about your plant’s water needs. Healthy roots are thick and radiate a beautiful green color. Do you see them drying out and turning a grayish or white color? Then it’s time to water your orchid!

Don’t forget about the leaves, either. Healthy leaves are firm and shine at you. But once they begin to wrinkle or go limp, it often means your plant is thirsty.

Getting started!

If your orchid needs water, you can tackle this in several ways.

  • Dish of water: Place your orchid in a dish of water for 5-10 minutes. The roots will absorb the needed water. Then let the plant drain well before returning it to its ornamental pot.

  • Dipping: Immerse your orchid with pot and all in water for about one minute. Again, make sure the plant drains well because wet feet are a no-go for your orchid.

  • A shot glass of water: If you can’t get your orchid out of the pot, take a shot glass (about 60 ml) of water and carefully pour it between the roots. That way you’ll water quickly and just the right amount!

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