Care tip! How to water your orchid?

The Phalaenopsis is known for its long shelf life. With the right care you can enjoy it for months. However, many people think watering is difficult. But with these care tips you are a grower in the making!


Is your orchid in a nursery pot? Then it is best to give her an immersion bath once a week. Use a bowl, bucket or sink and fill it with a layer of water. Place the nursery pot in the immersion bath for 10 minutes; this way the roots can absorb the water well. Then let the orchid drain well. This prevents a layer of water from accumulating in the decorative pot, which can cause root rot.


Is your orchid in a made-up arrangement and is immersion not possible? Then place two ice cubes next to the leaf of the plant twice a week. The water melts slowly, giving the roots enough time to absorb the water. Another possibility is to pour 40cc of water slowly next to the heart of the plant twice a week.


  • Rainwater is better than tap water, which usually contains (too) much lime.
  • Preferably water early in the day.
  • You can tell from the color of the roots whether the orchid needs water. If the roots are gray, she needs water. If the roots are green, she’s having a good time.